Studio Friday: Ta-dah!

Studio Friday theme is something that makes you go Ta-dah!

Thank you all for your congratulations to the new camera. I’m calmer now, and experimenting with it a lot, and yesterday we went out in the evening to try to take night shoots. But it was to freezing cold for a long walk. P took a great photo of me in my homeknitted pink cap (finally). I love it.

So, ta-dah:

Pink cap

Christmas pigThe inspiration for me to choose this colour was Amelia’s cap that her mother Claire (Loobylu ) knitted. I don’t think it’s just kids who can wear a strawberry coloured cap like this, do you? I love mine, specially after tuesday Craft Night when I hand sewed a lining out of white fleece (with small pink flower on). There is going to be a scarf too, soon!

And here are some of the experimenting:

Red night Black night Strandpromenaden
Red, black and blue from the same view…

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8 Responses to Studio Friday: Ta-dah!

  1. Becky says:

    Awesome nighttime photos! That’s just amazing! What you can do with a good camera…sigh!

  2. erilyn says:

    if I could knit I would knit myself a hat just that color – so pretty!

  3. tine says:

    Great Ta-dah! pics, Hanna!!! Love the snow :-) It does look very crsip and that hat is so cute! magenta-pink-red hues and combinations are my favorite ones, as you know ;-))

  4. kelly says:

    wow….gotta love the new camera! i have a scarf i am crocheting but ran out of yarn and have to order more!

  5. maria says:

    ?h, den boken ?r jag sugen p?, juletok som jag ?r! men jag har ju inga pengar s? jag f?r t?nka lite f?rst :-) men en fr?ga: fr?n vilket ?r ?r den?

  6. Your hat looks great on you..perfect color…cool photos!

  7. erin says:

    That’s a pretty pink hat and I like your mittens too.

  8. Marianne says:

    I like your photo experiments! It always fun to experiment. And I love the hat. Fantastic color. Of course you can wear strawberry coloured hats… who say’s that you have to be a kid to wear color? I love color!! I was shopping for hats and mittens this weekend….no luck, but I did buy a big scarf in grey and bright orange stripes. I always say … you can’t have enough colorful scarfs to get you through the winter ;-)

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