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Party poppers & Sushi

Christmas and New Years eve has come and gone. I feel relieved, now life can go back to normal again. And a whole new year ahead… anything can happen! Isn’t that exiting? And nobody knows what it might be… laying … Continue reading

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Retrospective 2005

One small step as an artist, one giant leap for my confidence. iHanna Studio Friday theme: Retrospective! Looking back at the past year. Craft and art 2005 This was the year I started to make collages in an art journal … Continue reading

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Ouch, it’s a Totoro invasion

Hope you had a great holiday! Totoro is one of my favorite animated characters ever. He is a forest spirit with a great yawn – and he is the lead character in the anime movie Tonari no Totoro directed by … Continue reading

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Christmas coming up…

Christmas is coming up around here, and you can really tell. Mom’s cookbook is out and it has lots of goodies inside. A craft-piece by itself. Leave me with a knife, and I go nuts… Cooking chocolate toffee, one of … Continue reading

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Art Doll | My version of Queen Elisabeth as an Art Doll

When this art doll (she is my #4) was born I thought that she really looked like a queen. And when P saw her he said something like that, that she looked royal, so we named her Elisabeth>. She is … Continue reading

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Photo Booth & Camera Love

♥ I love my new camera! I have a new camera. And I simply love taking photos, hence, I am a photographer. I have been for ever and will always continue to snap photos. <– Self portrait Tuesday from the … Continue reading

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Tiny trees for my Christmas Cards

When I was in France this summer, I found these small trees in a craft store. When bought they obliged me to make Christmas cards this years. I haven’t done that since I was a kid. I’m not a Christmas … Continue reading

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A Calendar Page in my diary and some doodles

I haven’t made too much in my art journal lately, but a couple of days into December I made my first calendar page (for this month) and started filling it with office parties and events we’ve got planned. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Studio Friday: Ta-dah!

Studio Friday theme is something that makes you go Ta-dah! Thank you all for your congratulations to the new camera. I’m calmer now, and experimenting with it a lot, and yesterday we went out in the evening to try to … Continue reading

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Nikon d50 is my New Camera

I used my savings and bought a new camera today. It’s thrilling, exiting, great and scary. I’m not used to spending money at all, and now when I spend a lot of money lots of thoughts come swirling in my … Continue reading

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