Knit with Katarina Brieditis

Lust att sticka

I got the Swedish knitting book Lust att sticka  by Katarina Brieditis, one of very few Swedish craft women that is well known in media and that has an official image. She makes a lot of cool stuff, this book included.

The pink cap is finished but no picture yet. Instead I bought this Swedish knitting book at Tradera (Swedish ebay) for 50 SEK just after browsing in another copy of Lust att sticka at the yarn store that cost 150 SEK… The cover says 1980-ish to me, but inside there are lots of inspiration.

Here are two of many great spreads from the book, not for copying but to inspire you to get the book:

tr?ja Springa
I’d love to own/make the chink sweater. The colour choices are beautiful and the chink is way cool.

And there are lots of knitting and felting applique that is awesome.

And here you get a vintage pattern in Swedish for these cute slippers! I want to make them soon.
Knitt a sock in Swedish
Download the pattern here, and please let me know if you use it! :-)

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3 Responses to Knit with Katarina Brieditis

  1. Helena, Stockholm says:

    The book is great! I’ve got it. I do love the mittens and I’ve knitted a pair of the ones that are striped black/white. Unfortunately they came out too small so I put them behind glass in a frame from IKEA and they now hangs on my wall! They are nice to look at…….

  2. tania says:

    ooh lovely patterns!

  3. Anna says:

    Hallojs! Jag googlade på shabby chic och kom in på din sida. Vad hände med tyget med de rosa rosorna? Blev det några gardiner?

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