The Lost Knob

Wanna view a painting and repair project of mine? Okay, here it is:

Bought summer 2004, scraped this autumn and painted last month.

The fun part was the scraping, but it was quite dark and we made a mess on this little chest of drawers. Scraped a wee bit more than we should have. And the paint didn’t really help the rough surface and battered edges.

Pink chest

While scraping the chest lost a knob, and while transporting it back home we totally lost it. So I just painted it anyway, strangely enough.

I like the colors, but it was way too much job for such a cheap and not even special chest of drawers.

Oh, well, now we have somewhere to keep winter clothes in the hallway anyway.

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5 Responses to The Lost Knob

  1. PJ says:

    luv the colors!…but really.. with a background like that to work in-ANYTHING can turn out great (your backyard?)…
    I think it has personality without the handle ;)

  2. Shell says:

    Ha! I wouldn’t have noticed the missing knob if you hadn’t have pointed it out. You live and learn huh? I always think about buying furniture and doing it up, but I’m so slack I know that I’d get half way through and abandon it. I swear though, your little chest of drawers looks great in the photo.

  3. KimC says:

    I love that. I really love painting old furniture. It is like a drug for me! (so easily entertained)

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love projects like this. You have made a perfect winter mitten scarf and sock chest of drawers :)
    Once I transformed a plain white ‘fake wood’ door into a nice warm faux wood look. It made a huge difference.

  5. Hi Hanna!
    I’m Francesca, your swap pal from Italy… I’m sorry but I’m little late with your box (craft swap, but I PROMISE you will have it in few days… : )

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