The path to follow

Pink beautiful roseThis week it was one year ago that ♥-P and me got engaged. He gave me a beautiful pink rose yesterday that smells lovely. Mmm…

The subject from Tine’s Studio Friday is Lost and found. There is only on thing that I constantly keep loosing and then find again, and that is my high thoughts of my own value. It is such a beautiful thing, and yet so difficult to keep. In Sweden anything you say about yourself is considered braging, and braging is something horrible we are told in young age. Personaly I love people who is not affraid to brag when they made something good! I want to be like that all the time. This is what I wrote in long hand about the subject of lost and found today:

From my diary

Self portrait of the week:
My hand photo taken by me
Empty hand, my hand. Roses all around in the world.

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15 Responses to The path to follow

  1. Shell says:

    Oh, I so ‘know’ what you are talking about. I ‘get’ you, truly. I have those moments too, where I think that everyone is so much more talented than I am. What I have learnt through my recent art classes is that art, and crafts are learnt. Therefore anyone can be as ‘good’ as they want to be. It’s a journey too, and it’s that which we love the most I think. The journey of creation.

  2. Jan says:

    Lovely post, Hanna. I think you wrote about what many of us experience through our lives.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. M%n says:

    And yet, from Sweden came Ikea and H&M… :))
    Hanna! I know what you mean. I feel like that all the time! It’s a terrible feeling, but I also think it’s good. Being ‘afraid’ prevents you from stopping to think. And what I also wanted to say: I love the things you make! I get so curious when I come to see your blog: “what kind of wonderfulness will Hanna have produced this time?”. Please, go on! :)

  4. tine says:


    So many delicate sensitive spots you touched. I think it is this struggle of losing yourself in all that only to find yourself again. Growth! Growth on so many levels! :-)
    Such a beautiful rose you got! Congrats! :-D

  5. liz elayne says:

    Thank you for writing about this. I love the image of the “fog of fear” – that rolls in to my world more often than I wish it would. Keep owning the thought/fact that you do amazing things and that you are on the right path.

  6. eloqui says:

    “I love that I find more than I lose these days.” – what a great sentence!
    Lovely post, Hanna, thank you.
    : )

  7. Hanna,
    As many others have already said, I feel this way, too! In fact, I think I am still at the stage where I lose more than I find… and every once in a while I get a quick glimpse of the freedom that would come from escaping “the fog of fear.”
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some great thoughts here. It’s so hard not to let the inner critics work their nonsense.

  9. lilla n says:

    Hej! Hanna.
    Du har skapat en otroligt inspirerande sida som jag n?stan alltid ?ppnar f?rst. Jag blir ALLTID glad.
    Fast jag inte ?r s? modig som du, jag v?gar inte ens b?rja med att g?ra n?got kreativt… inte ens n?got litet litet. Men du har inspirerat mig till att b?rja t?nka i nya banor, jag har b?rjat se p? min omgivning p? ett helt nytt s?tt. TACK… [{{kram p? dig}}} BTW jag v?ntar p? att din Prins ska fria s? att du f?r en ring till ; )

  10. Heather says:

    I have so many of those Lost days.

  11. Marianne says:

    So true! It’s seems to be an ongoing quest to find that harmony… after all these years I still haven’t found it.

  12. tania says:

    thats a lovely post! i know the feeling – it is SO hard to stay on the path!
    hang in there and stay warrrmmmm…
    in canada, bragging is also discouraged from early and i still hate talking about myself at all! crazy-

  13. Bea says:

    Congratulations, Hanna! I love the part about bragging so much! I have been raised to be overly modest in many respects and I think it is so important to value ourselves more! It?s just what I needed to read these days, as I keep forgetting what I have accomplished this year! Thanks!

  14. melanie says:

    Hanna, I love that you looked beyond material items for the lost and found topic. And, oh my, girl, can I relate! I constantly have thoughts like that creep into my head poisoning the flow of creativity. But when the going is good and the inner critic has gone to take a coffee break, that’s when the magic happens! I don’t yet know how to have more magic and less poison, but I hope someday be closer to an answer!

    Please know that your blog is international and you have bragging rights galore, okay? :)

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