One sky above us

My sky

I was feeling a wee bit sorry for my self today. I’m home alone all weekend and my back is hurting.

The sky is gray outside in my part of the world (even though the sky might look different on your 1th of October it is just one sky, same sky everywhere!). The wind is blowing strong. I want to stay indoors.

But I went to a huge indoor flea market that was open only today, and I was lucky. I found a friend to have coffee with (or she found me coz’ I sure don’t see anything but stuff when I’m hunting) and some really good bargains.

Sheets in green
I’m also doing the laundry right now, despite my back pains. I so wanted to clean these new duvet covers I got this week at Åhlens. ♥ I love them! Click on the small picture to enlarge it – the bed covers are green and has pink roses on both sides! It was probably made just for me! I also wanted to wash up some of my thrift finds today.

Here are my finds:

Great small finds! Big piece of silk fabric in orange (5 sek), white squared candle with a rose on (5 sek), two lengths of curtains in pink with white dots on (10 sek), a bag of ribbons (20 sek), a oblong box with one side in glass (!) that I will use to store pencils in (10 sek) and finally some crocheted little things for a Christmas tree or now they might be doll decoration (10 sek for both)!

Baby clothes
I couldn’t resist these two, looking almost new and so cute. They are of course for Felix from his aunt! He will be one week tomorrow. I have meet him at three occasions and I’ve been giving him gifts twice! But he is so tiny, he needs to be spoiled right now. Total cost: 15 sek.

Finds for me
The best part of today are these clothes, just for me! A pink wool dress, an orange corduroy dress, a red knitted sweater and a tee with yellow stripes. Total cost: 60 sek.

Thing in the ground
Today I also uploaded more autumn pictures in my autumn album. Take a look if you like.

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4 Responses to One sky above us

  1. Marika says:

    ????h, det d?r oranga tyget skulle vara perfekt till dockbyxor! Jag m?ste nog ut och leta lite sj?lv.

  2. melanee says:

    Flea markets always cheer me up. Your package is sitting in my office at work waiting to be mailed, patiently. My wallet was stolen at work last week, so I had no access to money, still don’t until Monday. But, I haven’t forgotten you and hope that when the package finally does arrive, it will be on a grey windy day and you will need some more cheering up.

  3. Alex says:

    Its always nice to find a good find. Sorry you are feeling down my back is hurting!

  4. Bea says:

    Hi Hanna! I hope your back is feeling better by now! Mine bugs me too a lot of times. It can be pretty nasty. I love your flea market finds. Especially the beautiful fabrics you got there and your skirts! But what I really envy are the beautiful duvet covers! So neat!!!

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