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IMG_5720Imagine if all school where as fun as the one I’m in right now, then probably children would learn a lot more.

I’m in a class of journalist wannabes ages 18 to 40. Each week we have lessons in journalism, society of today and swedish writing. Last week we had no lessons at all. Instead we were trying to resemble a real newspaper editorial staff. Some where writing, some were doing the layout, and three were photographers (I was a photographer)! We also had two managing editors of course.

The first day it seamed to be totaly impossible to make a newspaper together. Nobody know what would or could be written, wich news would be found, how it would look or if anything would be ready on time (thursday was printing day all ready!). But we made it, and learned a lot while doing it.

NathalieView from back doorThere were a lot of missunderstandings and difficulties, but also lots of cooperation and fun. I took a bunch of photos that I’m real proud of, specially the photos of girl wrestling (I atended a group of children in the ages 7 to 11 years old and was very impressed by them) that made the first page (colour print) and that has lots of movement in them.

I also had time to make help the layout team, and did a spread. These two pages were put together by me:
Two spreads from the class magazine
I wish I had more time in life, then I would make a zine about creativity for sure!

Photography is so fun, I love it!

Here are some links I’m enjoying right now:

  • Pictures from my friends who have been in Shanghai with their little son Jacob wich the chinese people seem to admire a lot! :-)
  • Jonas is doing his post doc in Nagoia, Japan (writing in swedish), where he posts lots of great (+crazy fun) pictures and fun anecdote stories about life in a foregin city.
  • And while linking to friends I might as well show you this photoalbum of sewn bags and other stuff, where you can find beauties like this and this, bags that my mother have made! Crazy quilting is so cool, and it was me who introduced it to her, hehe.
  • Today I’ve also been hanging around at Sweet Pea Kates photostream looking at her beautiful art space and coloursfull art journal pages. Just look at these brushes. Lovely.
  • And I’m a big fan of Jojo Falk – a swedish illustrator. I resently found her photoblog – amazing and unusual stuff!

Take care!

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4 Responses to Editorial stuff

  1. Bea says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun you were having! A zine about creativity seems very interesting, too – maybe one day you will even write a book about it?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oh, this looks like a lot of fun!
    Yepp – still on for a magazine trade – I’ve got a stack all ready for you – now I’ve gotta get it all packed and off in the mail – maybe by this weekend :)

    Vill du ocks? ha en Micron penna, eller finns dom att f? tag p? d?r?

  3. christina says:

    Hanna, you SHOULD make a zine about creativity. That’s why I come to your site–you have so many great links and idas and references!

  4. suzy says:

    that newspaper looks great! and your school sounds like so much fun… wish i could study something creative. right now i am trying to learn a language, which is great but not so creative – more memorisation.
    i think you already have a zine about creativity – your blog! but if you did a print one that would be great too…

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