New jeans

Since I was invited to a party and acctually had some money laying around, I went shopping this friday. And ouch, how fun it is to go shopping sometimes. I can totaly understand anybody getting addicted to shopping, specially if you have the money. New stuff are so much more fun and sparky than the old stuff hanging in the closet. It’s a good thing that second hand also is new for me when I get it, so I can shop every now and then and not be ruined by it. But this joy is all brand new! Take a look:

A pink notebook for iHanna
What I didn’t need: A pink notebook with a silk cover, a pencil with roses on (!) and little pile of rubber cords for my hair (all pink too!). Love this! Mmm!

New jeans for iHanna
What I did need: new jeans! Low bootcut, low waist, embroidered pockets! I also got two pair of knee socks. Fancy pancy lucky me!

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6 Responses to New jeans

  1. Alex says:

    Those jeans look totally awsome I want to do something to a couple pairs of mine to spruce them up. Anyway cool stuff you make me want to go shop. I shop with my husband becuase I have no one else to go with and he isn’t always the best fun, although he tries hard.

  2. joleen says:

    Oh yummy yummy! I, for one, shop TOO much.

  3. Lolly says:

    I love the argyle socks! I want to try and knit a pattern like that someday!

    Cute pink stuff too ;)

  4. tine says:

    Thise jeans look awesome!! I need some new ones, too. I looove jeans. The socks have great colors, I love them! And that notebook is so beautiful! So many magical goodies you got!!

  5. Catherine says:

    Oh! I bought those jeans this weekend too, and I’m wearing them *right now* lmao You’ve obviously got fabulous taste ;)

  6. Bea says:

    I love your notebook and the pen you got there! I?m a little addicted to buying paper goods and writing tools myself ;-))

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