All of my current notebooks and journals

Today’s topic is sketchbooks and notebooks.

Here is my pile of joy:

iHannas sketchbooks and notebooks in august 2005

1. My second art journal is red, and full in about two spreads. Have to find a new one soon.

2. A empty wine coloured notebook with thick white pages that is difficult to start in since I feel I need to save it for a special purpose…

3. My sketchbook is a drawing-book (ritblock) with thick white pages and a spiral binding that makes it easy for me to draw since I always know I can tear the ugly stuff out and through it away before anybody sees it.

4. My diary, brand: teNeues. It has blank white pages and I use a ruled paper behind the pages to make it look straight when I’m writing in it. I wrote the last page yesterday. Do you remember when it was blank?

5. It’s a soft covered Moleskine plain notebook that came in a pack of three. It has really thin sketchbook pages, but I’m going to use it as my next diary, since it’s so portable and I’m planing to do my writing on the bus next week when school starts.

6. A ruled little spiral bound book that I’m planing to use for journalistic work, interviews, notes and such. Pocket size is good.

7. Like number #6 I also got this one in France, in the cutest paper shop I’ve ever been into. Gosh, it was expensive, but I had to get this little brown note book from PaperBlanks, it’s called the Mini Traveller – I just love that. I hope I can travel soon again (I want to to to Asia!) and then use this one!

8. My daily planer for 2005/2006 that my mother got me. Just for notes on what I have to remember like birthdays and meetings.

Yesterday in front of the TV I tried my new water soluble oil pastel crayons in my third sketchbook, and I love love love them. Here is my contribution for this weeks Illustration Friday:

Glass jar drawing by me 9. And the best one is saved for last: the little mini note book for sketching and writing down ideas. I’ve been carrying it around for over two years now, so I guess I don’t use it very often but I love the feeling of it always staying in my bag. I usually jot down ideas I get from craft stores, other peoples craft books or writing ideas that I want to remember. I think everyone should have one.

My first Studio Friday Challenge

Random surfin’ can be a waste of time, but also yield great discoveries. Yesterday I found a blog called Studio12.3 who belongs to Marianne, a graphic illustrator in the Netherlands. Marianne is involved in the project Studio Friday that is started by the great artist Tine Wiggens, who also has a great blog called Tine Sparkles. Tine posts a studio challenge each Friday for her followers to blog about, something from the creative life of an artist. It is a great community over there, which I like.

I didn’t know about this project before, but I’m hopping on the train today since it’s Friday and the topic was notebooks – one of my biggest passions.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Have a great Friday friends!

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15 Responses to All of my current notebooks and journals

  1. carla says:

    I was fascinated by your description of the different notebooks and journals you have! You sound like you really stay open to new ideas and sources of inspiration…and you’re ready to capture them, either in words or pictures. I like the effect you got with the water soluble pastels for you IF submission. I just purchased a new box of 60 Faber-Castell watercolor pencils, and I’m planning on using them today. Fun! I browesed through some of your collage and watercolor work…it looks lovely. I’m looking forward to taking the time to look at more :>


  2. Jerry says:

    Interesting. Even the photo looks good. I’d just throw everything into a pile and snap a picture and leave it like that for a few weeks. Eventually, I would use everything in the pile at a later date and it’ll clean itself out of necessity. You’re very organized and I admire that.

  3. iHanna says:

    Well Jerry, I don’t know about beeing organaized. I had to do some digging to find all these books, and the #9 seemed to be lost forever before I found under a pile of paper. :-)

  4. christina says:

    I LOVED this last post. Love a sneak peak at someone elses stack of notebooks. Your descriptions were so interesting–I totally have a big blank notebook with thick pages, that I can’t seem to write in because there’s so much pressure to make it good. I like my cheap drug-store notebooks best–the kind I can cover with a collage, and give up half way through if I fancy to. It’s so fun reading your posts by the way–I share your appreciation for all things arty.

  5. meg says:

    Love your site and your illo for I-Fri!

  6. wynlen says:

    That’s a lot of nice notebooks. I like that you wrote something about each of them. The illustration friday picture is sweet too – I like the effect of the text around the drawing.

    Thanks for the nice comments in my blog. Looks like we’re neighbours, I live in Norway.

  7. Bea says:

    Hee, hee! I nearly bought that Mini Traveller notebook, too! But then I remembered that I have to watch my spending… Did you see the new notebook I got yesterday? I started to collage in it today, but havn?t been in the right mood! How?s your essay going, by the way? And before I forget: Welcome to Studio Friday!

  8. Alex says:

    Hello Hanna! It great to read about notebooks as cherished, appreciated things! I thought it was just me who had a love of fresh new notebooks but I’m finding a lot of bloggers who share the same feelings! And the French certainly have a way with lovely stationery.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day! It was lovely to hear from you! I’m kind of new to blogging but am already addicted. I am loving looking at your website- it’s so beautiful and organized. I will return for more reading! Thank you!

  9. tine says:

    Oooh Hanna, I loove that you even numbered your journals, great photos, too! Awesome!!
    I love your blog design, it looks really great!
    So great that you also have a ‘teNeues’ journal, they are cool, aren’t they? Mine is almost full as well. I liked that it had blank pages. I had written in 2 with lined paper before so it was nice for a change and felt like ‘freedom’ somehow, hahaha!
    I should try to find another blank one I guess. I like number 9 a lot. It looks so loved ;-) And it looks as if it has a very soft feel to it and is very bendable. Intriguing because I don’t like stiff books too much but can’t seem to find those soft ones anywhere really.


  10. michael says:

    i like the composition of the notebooks.. i’m quite envious of the diversity of the notebooks you are using.. i’ve been using the same size – same coloured notebooks after notebooks for years now.. maybe i should change this habit :)

  11. Marianne says:

    Hi Hanna, great that you have decided to hop on the studio friday train :-) You have a great selection of notebooks/sketchbooks! I like reading about how you are planing to use them or are using them.

  12. Michele says:

    It’s good to see that someone else is as abig a notebook freak as I am. What IS it about these things–they’re addictive. As are the art supplies. And pens–lots and lots of pens. It’s a disease, I think. :-)

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