I forgot this in yesterdays post, we also went to this place before Snebro loppis:


It’s a cute little cabin where the poor lived in older days, hence Fattigstugan. They sell vintage stuff and some new stuff that looks old here, and the set up inside is super nice.



This is what I got there:
New cards
A new printed vintage greeting cards, cat stickers and a tiny tin – with candy! Expensive but nice stuff.

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  1. Marika says:

    Hej hej!
    Har gl?mt att svara p? din kommentar…
    Jag tror du klarar Clapotis, den ?r inte s?rskilt sv?r. Min ?r stickad i silkegarn som jag f?rgat sj?lv.

    Den har gjorts i alla m?jliga sorters garn….. v?lj ett som inte ?r luddigt bara, eftersom man ska tappa maskor.

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