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This weekend was three days with Sweden’s National Day 6th of June. We went to the mountain cabin and I took some pictures of birchwood and fire. Indoors I showed Maria how to crocheted! It was fun, and she loved it which is great since we’re gonna travel together this summer.

I’ve been looking at crocheted animals online for a long time, and now finally I crocheted a little bear (and so did Maria once I showed her!). Can’t wait to stuff and sew it together (picture will be posted as soon as this is done). In Japanese crocheted animals is called amigurumi and it’s all eye candy to me. Here are some links.

Bear partsBy clicking on the tag amigurumi at I found Elisabeth Doherty’s crocheted monkey which I just love! And of course the amigurumi gallery of the great blog oh sew pretty, soon to be renamed oh my good sew crocheted pretty perhaps? For you who feel you need a pattern there is Shannon’s English (!) pattern of a little Miffy look alike (if you don’t know crochet at all you might want to check out the cool mag Crochet me!)!

Personally I would love to get a book about amigurumi, but they are expensive (and I wouldn’t know which one to get anyway) so I’m gonna enjoy pictures online for now. Like Myra’s little rabbit and this super cute knitted Yoda [via Camilla via Tuula]!

Christina of Orrietta cat has made the cutest doll ever, not amigurumi but sewn. I love this little doll (self portrait of the artist) and keep coming back to look at her. I wanna make something like this too!

If you just type crochet at you’ll get over 800 inspiring pictures, like these small crocheted creatures and some blue pigs, a hamster and my favorite animal the frog in this amigurumi set!!

Another Japanese but not amigurumi cutie is Totoro from the movie, here is a great Totoro tutorial! Have fun!

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3 Responses to Amigurumi

  1. myra says:

    Those are great amigurumi links! Elisabeth D.’s is such a find. I can’t wait to see your bear too.

    I’m loving the new look of your blog! :)

  2. Crafty Alien says:

    My amigurumi is actually knitted – it can be either, but I think I’ve seen maybe 5 out of a hundred who knit amigurumi.

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