Right now I’m into…

Here are my favourit links right now:

* Hearts Art Radio – Great intervjus with cool mixed media artist like Lynne Perrella, Kelly Kilmer and Aisling D’Art. It makes me so happy and inspired to listen to these creative and sparkling women, and after listening a while Delona Lang feels like a good and cherfull friend. Check out their archive!

** Meggie cat, wich is a blog about picutre resources on the Internet made by Kathy. I love it! Wanna print vintage pictures for your art or just for fun? Or browse old books online or find beautiful postcards, black and white photos or just something crazy like the cool Industrial Art Gallery with pictures that I adore but would’ve never found myself!

*** Flickr.com – for storing pictures. More on this later.

**** My bloglines – where I check daily for updates at my favourit creative bloggers out there. It’s so smart and saves a lot of time even though the list now is so long that I really don’t know how much time I save buy using it… ;-)

I’ve also ordered Cloth Paper Scissors this week – finaly! Now I just have to wait three weeks until the three backissues arrive. Hope the hurry up!

What is your favourit places on the net? Where you go over and over again to read?

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3 Responses to Right now I’m into…

  1. Lolly says:

    I love Bloglines too. I have almost 200 subscriptions on there to keep an eye on what everyone is up to (you are on my list!)

    Another great site is Craftster.org . I think you would really like it over there, all DIY crafty things.

    Thank you for the links that you provided, I will look at them :)

  2. Wimpy says:

    That craft magazine looks great! I just ordered a subscription too. Thanks for the tip. Your site is looking pretty good too-had me hopping around the web for a while there.
    My favorite site changes very frequently but at the moment I’d have to say http://www.livejournal.com/community/craftgrrl/

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