A pile of joy in the mail

I got home from my parents place yesterday evening, and found the rest of the Post cards from the swap in a goodie pile to enjoy in the sofa. I’ve posted about the swap before, when I got my first card from Marieke, but here comes the rest with a big thank you to all you girls who sent me this pile of joy:

The whole pile of joy

Have a closer look at Myra’s gallery. There you can see the cool green painting that Alison made (of sixandahalfstitches), the super cute watercolour drawing that Natascha made ( of the very flashy site nataschasrosenberg.com), Karen’s dog row (of kraf-o-la) witch looks a lot like her cute felted mini dogs (oh how I want one!). And also a panda card from Theresa (of Rock, Paper, Scissors) who’s wonderfull childrens book collages I just showed my mother the other day on the internet. They are super cool with wonderful details.

Also a new blog found after reciving a fabric card made by Pam (of Pamdora) who says never say never – and I’m so glad she changed her mind! I love that someone took the time to sew my adress to a fabric post card – that is so cool (plus she got all the dots on the right place)! And if you like me are a sucker for studio pic’s don’t miss Pam’s!
Also got a printed card made by Charlotte (of Sketch compendium), a very cute drawn or sewn (?) one: cute, summerish and has a kind of feministic look. Me like! Plus Jill’s photo (of Jill’s notebook) and Amanda’s collage (of etches-johnson) that I got before leaving. Nice!

ĆsneandAnd a copy of what started it all, gocco-made card by sweet Myra. Thank you all!

Bonus pic! Forget to show this little card that I bought at STREET the other day. It’s a little donky duck (åsneand!) made by a girl who soled her stuff at the market under the label Sannasign.

Isn’t this all just true art? I love it all and want to put everything up on the wall. Have to find a good spot/wall/room/door soon.

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6 Responses to A pile of joy in the mail

  1. Stephanie says:

    I shipped your card out TODAY! (Sorry for the delay, just now had a chance to get to the post office.) Den kommer nog fram 4-5 dagar :)
    Kram/ Steph

  2. Snowbear says:

    this is coming at you with my bum wrist & fingers!

    Sorry the post office tore off part of the card–it was a quote from one of my past teachers:

    “Art is a metaphor for life.
    You learn to trust yourself,
    love yourself,
    and respect yourself.
    Make peace within,
    and life is a meaningful journey.
    Free Yourself,
    live an authentic life.”
    —-Sharon Kagan

  3. Lolly says:

    Those postcards are too fun! I would love to do that if they have another one… they are beautiful :)

  4. myra says:

    I’m so glad you got all your cards, I love yours! That donky duck is so cute.

  5. I am so totally and completely jealous…it looks like a fantastic swap and the items in it were fantastic! You did a wonderful job and measured up to some pretty great ones!

  6. Charlotte says:

    So glad you got my card! It was done on the computer, I made it to look somewhat like fabric.. all of the cards have been wonderful! I’m thinking of starting a postcard swap soon too so check my blog periodically if you’re interested!

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