Lots of pink flowers

Pink flowers

Got two small skeins of pink yarn at a thrift store last week, 5 SEK each. Had no special plans for it, just liked the colour. But then I remembered how I always wanted to make some crochet flowers (you know, you see them everywhere!). So I got started, with my mom’s help, sitting in the sun. It’s super easy and fun. I massproduced, planning for either a bag or a quilt or… something. I made about 25 in one day. Click on the picture to see them large. I’m gonna crochet a lot more this summer!

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You must not miss Naive Knitter’s Studio Confidante-gallery! I couldn’t contribute, since I wasn’t at home until tonight, but it’s a great idea and so nicely made up! Don’t miss it!

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  1. myra says:

    Wow! You must crochet fast! Beautiful pink flowers!

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