Bed pillow case x 4

What would be the easiest and fastest thing to sew together? I guess a pillow case for the bed?

Just take a old pillow case that fits your sleeping pillow and messure your fabric againt that one, use your scissors and cut out the right size. Sew the fabric together on three sides and leave one side open to put your pillow inside it’s new dress. Finished! A small piece of white and pink striped cotton fabric (that I got at a second hand store for about 10 SEK) was enought to make four cases!

?rngott i rosarandigt tyg - hemmasydda
Mmm… Shabby chic, romantic and cute at the same time, right? And heaven to sleep on.

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4 Responses to Bed pillow case x 4

  1. mimik says:

    Nice! I love making pillow cases! They are great gifts too.

  2. Lolly says:

    Very shabby chic! I love that look.

    Hope all is well–have a nice weekend :)

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