Kinky striped socks finished

The Very Long Socks are finished!

It’s a relief, and I’m so looking forward on starting something new. But it’s been fun, even though the knit-a-long maybe made me feel more lonesome (with everyone knitting the same pattern so far away) – than a part of a group… Not the alongers fault, I need to get to know more local knitters!

Here is the sum up:

Yarn: Pure 2 threaded wool i 6 different colours from Gunga Din in Stockholm. Leftover yarn: way too much of each skein!

Pattern: Made by Kelly Griffith and published at Thank you grrls!
Also see (in this blog): Cellphone cozy that matches the socks! Extra fun: E-mails from Valentina, co-knitter, and from the other girls at the knit-a-long! :-)

About the making of the very long socks: Strange pattern at times, but fun and faster to knit up than expected. There have been some really nice times with these socks!

As expected the socks itch, but I like the colors and they fit perfectly (amazing grace!). They fall down if I don’t use garthers, but fortunately I have a home made pair now (made by LäderKen who calls his product “kinky” – I think it is great fun since they will be used on home knitted striped socks… very kinky indeed!).
But whenever will I use them? :-)

My very long socks are finished
Is this kinky to you? I feel like a anime girl, Sandybell perhaps?

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11 Responses to Kinky striped socks finished

  1. Kajin says:

    Your socks look nice – and you have the perfect shoes to go with them! :-)

  2. Kellee says:

    They’re fantastic!!! I love, love, love your colors. They look yummy. Now I have to run downstairs and get some Good-n-Plenty candy!


  3. kris says:

    wow! i love them! congrats! i still have to cast on for my second sock …

  4. myra says:

    It always amazes me that people can actually knit socks. That just looks so hard. Yours are fabulous, I love the colors, and I’m also loving your shoes! You have so much wonderful stuff on your blog, total eye candy.

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  5. Inger says:

    Taipei-skor? :-) Tycker jag k?nner igen dem.

    Coolt med s? l?nga sockor, grattis till att du gjorde klart dem!


  6. Lolly says:

    Those look super, Hanna! I really like them with your outfit in the first picture! Wonderful work! :)

  7. amy says:

    i just have to say those are the coolest socks! great job!

  8. susan says:

    you’re right! you look like an anim? girl! a nordic anim? girl! and the shoes show them off perfectly.
    when will you use them? all the time! keep those legs warm and stylish!
    (i fear i have overused the ! but can i help it if you’ve done it again?!)

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  10. Steve says:

    Wonderful socks! I agree that you could -and should- wear them everywhere. I believe more people should wear cool, funky, kinky socks. Socks have become so boring. All plain white, and the “no shows.” I hate those! Be proud of your socks, people! Go out there and strut. Make other people’s socks jealous!

  11. Mike says:

    I LOVE fancy socks on a girl. I also like to wear fancy socks myself. Do you think you could make me a pair of long striped socks? ;)

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