International Womens Day

Since it is International Womens Day today I decided to make a special 3D collage for a woman I admire and love:

Hj?rter dam kollage till mamma
It’s a tribute to the most wonderful woman I know, my mom.

I wanted to make a brown collage that I’ve planed for a couple of days, but it didn’t come out as I planed. But I like it.

With my new Dymo-typer (thank you so much dad!) I wrote Hj?rter dam (Lady of Hearts) and then made a dress for mom with brown paper, buttons and a handbag in pink. And a rose skirt with paper imitating “white lace”. Mom like roses as much as I do!

Happy Womans Day to ya all!

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2 Responses to International Womens Day

  1. mamma says:

    I love you to. H?r sitter jag och blir alldeles gr?tmild ?ver att du gjort ett s??????? fint collage.
    TACK lilla gumman, vi ses snart
    pok mamma

  2. Stephanie says:

    Allts? nu f?r du sluta! Jag sitter ju h?r p? jobbet och blir alldeles sur f?r att jag inte kan bra ?ka hem nu direkt och pyssla collage!! S? underbart inspirerande! :) Och till din mamma. Verkligen verkligen fint. Kram!

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