Dynamo tape and more

More stuff! This is a big load of arty stuff from Claes Ohlsson:

Fixativ spray – for fixating icky paint that wont dry (like oil crayons), 4 charcoal pencils for drawing (I hope soon), dynamo tape and 2 acrylic colours (silver and green).

And a close up on the red dynamo tape. I got an old fashioned dynamo writer from Dad, and I love it. I print all kind of texts on these tapes (I got black before) and use them in my art journal and on cards. Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. Strikkelise says:

    I love the Dymo! Tape me down memory lane… What a fun idea to use it on cards etc. I’m pinching it. And I’m linking to you in my next posting :)

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