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It’s funny how things change. A year ago I and my friend were walking through the enormously huge stamp department of Sogo in Taipei, Taiwan. We were mocking the ugly little stamps – and uninspired people who buy them. What good are stamps, we asked. We saw no need for them at all.

One stamp read “You are my best friend” and we laughed about the thought that somebody would buy it and stamp all their mail with that message to different friends! How flattering to be that persons “best” friend.

But after reading Perrellas book I understand the stamp concept better, at least when it comes to Art journal art! Perrella uses a lot of art stamps in her own journal art, and it so cool! She has even started a company that makes and sells rubberstamps called Acey Deucy! Some cool, some of them collages ready made it seems like (not to my creative liking).

If you want to know what I mean, check out some great tips of using stamps in art at Rubber stamp club and their big and inspiring section of Rubber stamp artist of the month (with great how-to-info!).

I’ve found a whole new category of shopping!

Hmm… I’m not sure that is a good thing…

At my favorit site Tradera (Sweden’s eBay) I’ve found that swedes to like Rubberstamping! I guess most people use them in ther Scrapbooking, a hobby that I don’t understand and that is not at all appealing to me (even though some of you might see similarities to art journaling I most definitely don’t). I like my photo albums plain so that the photos will stay in view point and not the bought (and often very expensive) decorations around it (check out if you want to see what I mean)!

Anyway, through Tradera I’ve found Megi at Firma Megi (Finland), and ordered two simple stamps that I’m now eagerly avaiting. I’m so looking forward to start using them!

How life and your own perspectives changes – all the time. Now these Alphabet Antique Typewriter stamps are on my wish list!

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3 Responses to Art stamps in art

  1. susan says:

    welcome to the club! i know exactly what you mean. i always thought stamps were a little tacky until i saw an example of someone who REALLY knew what they were doing and then it all fell into place for me. stamps can be very very cool and also creative, even though it sometimes feels like cheating a bit. is a site i really love which i think shows rubberstamping at its plain and steamlined and tasteful best. there are also lots of cute ideas on although some of the cards and things there are not quite my taste.

  2. maria says:

    i agree! scrapbooking is nothing for me and i prefer, like you, to have the photos the way they are, in plain albums :)

  3. Jen says:

    i know what you guys mean about those kitschy little stamps – they are pretty tacky. my friend (who loves them) recently had a baby, so i found a website that could take a scanned impressions and walked me through making good images so they could make rubber stamps of the baby’s feet. she loved them so much she had hands made, too, and stamped the inside each page of her baby’s first photo album. it was neat to put a personal touch on her gift without being tacky.

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