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Withered tulips

I think that even withered tulipes are beutiful. I took these photos in the morning when I woke up. When my boyfriend came home in the evning he through them away… Continue reading

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Dark red silk and sunshine

Shopoholic, who me? Schy! Don’t tell my mom that I’ve been shopping more fabric! After working a couple of hours at my father in laws gallery shop selling paintings today I went to town and did a shopping tour through … Continue reading

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Inspiration | Make your own Stamp

Maybe stamps is not that funny my friend still thinks. But maybe if you’d made them yourself, huh? On a theme – or I would like to follow Perrella’s suggestion on stamp making and design a cool pattern (roses!) that … Continue reading

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Pink lady

One of my favorite collages and one great inspirational link! Continue reading

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Over at the very wonderfull site Wee wonderfuls I found a post about scrapbooking that describes exactly my feeling about this hobby, and a post where the comments is actually worth reading coz’ they are funny! ;-) And today I … Continue reading

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Trend wool

Today is the starting date of the Great Book Sale that every reading person in Sweden waits for like Christmas day! I had, like so many other times, no intention to buy anything… I was only going to look… Haha, … Continue reading

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Life is a full inbox

Don’t try to emty your inbox… Continue reading

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Art stamps in art

Art stamps and inspiration on how to find them, use them and make art with them. Continue reading

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Big love collage

A big collage for Valentines day – for hanging on the wall! Continue reading

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Raspberry Socks

This pair of socks is releated to my gingerbread sock, finished in december last year. The yarn is the same, Opal, and I call them my Raspberry socks (hallonsockar!). The difference now is I’m more experinced, and the Raspberry socks … Continue reading

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