Fabric in my taste

Knitting on my very long sock, new picture soon. But: Life isn’t just about yarn, it’s also about fabric.

This week I bougth some stuff again
All this for about 55 SEK this week at ?tervinningen (recycle store). Green felt (for christmas trees?), a little piece of black fabric with different kind of roses on (yay!), white lace roled up, a couple of crochet things for the kitchen and quilting (?) and a bright red retro fabric with green flowers on.

I’m in search of meterials for a lot of projects, on the hunt every time I enter a flea market. A couple of them are:

Black fabric – black with flowers on or just black fabric with black pattern for my first crazy quilt-project with black as first color. Man, it’s difficult to find beautiful black fabric, even second hand! But now my stash is growing, and this year it’s coming around I hope.

Big flowers great color-fabric, both modern and 70’s style appeal to me. Retro is great! Pink is my favorit color, but I also love green, red, yellow and orange. Blue I think of as my mothers color. I allready have a couple of scraps that I really like. They will become pillows in my grey sofa, first thing. And secondly, I’m dreaming of making bags, lots of bags in different styles. And a retro-quilt with big squares in different bright colors to. I might have enough soon!

Elegant clothing-style! Clothes, hats and accessoirs to make me look more “elegant”/female, yes older and more mature if possible! :-)

Buttons and lace of all kinds, for my crazy quilting-projects, both large and small, old and new. Everything goes, but especially furniture straps and pink stuff. Jaam!

Romance! Yes of course, even though I have a new fondness of big flowers and bright colors (see above) I can’t leve my old love of romantiq behind.
Big pink roses, old fashion sheets with lace and letters embroderd on them, the great chabby chick style and candles everywere!

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4 Responses to Fabric in my taste

  1. Minna says:

    Jag ?r s? avis p? dig f?r att du pysslar och fixar! Och hittar s? mycket fina grejjer p? loppisar. Jag kan virka men inte sticka. Eller jo, jag kan sticka, men jag har gl?mt hur man b?rjar l?gga upp lixom, d? blir det knepigt!

  2. Tove says:

    F?r man joina er knit-a-long-sock-knitalong lite s?h?r i efterkant? Jag har sett ett fantastiskt m?nster p? en “kilt hose” http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/socks/john-anderson.htm som jag skulle vilja g?ra.

  3. Tina says:

    Oj, m?nga projekt blir det! Du verkar v?ldigt kreativ, vad kul! Retrotyget k?nns HELT r?tt! :)

  4. valentina says:

    LOVE the green-red fabric. Love it. I’m very partial to the funky 70ies prints. Yes, I got your email, but haven’t gotten to sitting down and replying yet. How do you say in Swedish when you like something very much, like Americans say LOVE IT?

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