I need a Yarn Mentor

If I fall in love with a yarn I have to find a pattern that match it and my idea of something nice to knit (that I realy want and need). If I find a pattern I have to find the yarn, and if the pattern is online the yarn is not availible in Sweden, or expensive, or something else that makes everything comlicated. Plus surf to Forex to find out how much the yarn is in SEK! And I surf around for hours trying to find a store where it is:
1) cheap
2) ships to Europe
3) a langugage that I can understand
4) where they have the colors and brand I crave!

Where is all the good Mentors when you need them? I need a Yarn Mentor living next door!

Isn’t this Sommerliches Top beutiful? With a pattern in German of course. Maybe you have a copy of Rebecca #17 at home, in english? Please let me know.

Yarn Mentor

Surfin around the net I found the Lana Grossa Pep Jacke a while ago – and fell in love. It just looks so cool, both the yarn and model. I really feel like knitting it, if the yarn is not to expensive. But Lana Grossa? Can’t find it any stores nearby anyway, even if the pattern is published both in German and in English! They really have a lot of cool patterns over there! What about this? Or this! *sigh*

And if you’re in to experimenting with socks, they have some new cool ideas here!

Some new patterns
I’m happy to have my mother, even though she isn’t next door. She sent me some Swedish patterns the other day, and I want to knit it/crochet it all. I love green! One of the pattern she sent was this green skirt! So chich!

I also want to knit something for the summer soon, maybe the pink top on the cover of Garntjänst’s latest brochure? I really like a lot of patterns there, and I think I will make an order of yarn soon!

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3 Responses to I need a Yarn Mentor

  1. Marika says:

    Om du hittar ett m?nster som du gillar, s? kan du ju f?rs?ka hitta liknande garn i Sverige.
    Det finns ju liknande garner som man kan ers?tta med….
    Man kollar stickfastheten….. och antal meter p? garnet.
    Om det st?mmer s? kan man byta ut garnet.

    Och om du hittar ett fint garn, f?rs?k hitta ett grundm?nster som ser ut ungef?r som det du vill g?ra, och som passar till garnet. Sen kan man l?gga till grejer….. eller ta bort.
    Jag vet, det k?nns lite stort i b?rjan, men det ?r bara att prova! Det ?r det man l?r sig p?. Det och en massa t?lamod s? kan man komma l?ngt!
    Beh?ver du hj?lp, s? hojta! Jag kan lite i alla fall, och annars har jag kompisar som kan en hel del!


  2. Tina says:

    Jag tycker ocks? tr?jan p? omslaget till Garntj?nsts senaste ?r snygg! Det fann en del snygg design i den tyckte jag ocks?, men jag f?rs?ker att inte best?lla mer garn just nu. M?ste g?ra klart det jag h?ller p? med. Men det r?cker v?l med att se vad du har best?llt sen f?r att jag ska falla till f?ga….:)

  3. valentina says:

    I can help you with German. I think Marika explains that the Sommerliche Top is just rib. Try http://www.wolleunddesign.com/ for German yarns. They’re bound to ship to Sweden.
    I get like you when I see Dale patterns I like.Though I can get Dale yarn and patterns online.
    Don’t you tempt me now with Swedish stuff!

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