Happy knitting year!

I’ve inspired many people that I know to start knitting this year, and this is still my First Year of Knitting! What will the future bring?

My mother is knitting

I started in the beginning of the year, when going to our winter cabin and feeling that I needed something creative to do, that I could do with the family around me, the TV on and with my feets up beside the fire. Knitting I thought!

Knitting has done so much for me during this year, and some of the best parts include inspiring others to start (like on these picutres of my mother doing her first knitting in this decade, here with gold pearls) and starting this blog. I hope 2005 will be as fun, and with lots of more knitting, painting, writing, sewing, crafting in general and love. Maybe I’ve inspired some of my visitors to start something creative to?

Thank you all for your comments, e-mails and visits to this blog! Have a great, creative, colorful and beautiful year 2005!

My mother is knitting

My mother is knitting

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3 Responses to Happy knitting year!

  1. elisazzz says:

    My 2005 starts as well as I’ve never thought. My sister in law gave me her christmas present: a huge (250 gr) , lovely, colorfull and soft woolen ball. I’ve immediately started knitting a cute phildair sweather for my niece.
    I feel so inspired that I think to start my knitting blog. I wish I won’t give up…
    Have a crafty 2005!

  2. mamma says:

    Fina bilder, mycket fina bilder, det m?ste jag verkligen s?ga.
    Du ?r s? p?hittig. Tack f?r att jag f?r vara med p? din sida.
    Puss mamma

  3. Sarah says:

    Can anybody tell me where I can buy Phildair yarns and patterns, nowhere in UK seems to know anything.

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