Merry December!

This year my longing for Christmas is greater than ever. I’ve never been totally in love with any holiday, and even though Christmas is great I don’t ever want to become like my parents: clean the entire house like manics, cook to much (fattening) food, buy presents for all the people I know and then rush through all the fun in one single day!

I’m to much lay backed and slow going for the Christmas stress.

Christmas 2003
But last Christmas I spent in an island of sun (see picture above), so this year my longing for a real Christmas is great. I hung up the stars in the beginning of November and now I have the entire house decorated with glitter and candles. I’m planing to bake a lot, drink gl?gg and not produce even one little gnome (don’t like Christmas fabric or Christmas craft) but once again, enjoy the company of the people I love on Christmas eve. It’ll be great fun!

    What I love best about Christmas is:

  • the exaggeratedly long wait
  • the light in the children’s eyes, which glow in mine too
  • the greatness of giving and receiving

and now, (when first of advent have passed unnoticed) and only +three weeks to go, it’s the start of:

Happy December everyone!

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2 Responses to Merry December!

  1. Minna says:

    Hej Hanna!
    Vilken UNDERBAR sida du har! Jag sitter h?r p? jobbet och bara kollar och kollar p? allt fint du har gjort, gl?mmer bort (f?rtr?nger)att jobba!
    Blir inspirerad som 17 av alla roliga saker du hittar p?! Jag vill ocks?.

    Minna (ingers syrra)

  2. Bengt says:

    Hanna…du har blivit uppm?rksammad p? Enblogomdan…

    Trevlig blog om ditt intresse…

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