Each day is special

Each day is specialI’ve done the surounding design on Inger and Christians wedding site, Each day is special, and now Inger has finally finished writing the text for all the thousands of pictures, so go check it out!

Don’t miss their beutiful Studio pics from Taipei where I specially like the christmas theme and Christians totaly sweet chicken style!

And this one, makes me miss Inger a lot!

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4 Responses to Each day is special

  1. Hanna!

    thank you very much for your message! Are you from Sweden then? I have
    a lot of swedish friends I met at university. Been to Stockholm 3 years
    ago the week between Christmas and New Year. What can I say? I admire
    you people – swedish have great design, just think of the IKEA, that says
    it all!

    Happy Christmas


  2. valentina says:

    “Chicken style”? Huh?
    Did you get my e-mail? Just checking, I’ve been having trouble lately.

  3. Inger says:

    Haha, undrar vad det ?r du saknar hos mig egentligen… :-D Jag gillar den h?r bilden b?ttre http://wedding.minsajt.nu/archives/Preparations/410.html


  4. The Chicken says:

    What? chicken style.. I like that image, its kinda cool!

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