Ice skating on the lake

Yarn from Tygbiten
Bought a whole bag full of yarn on sale (100 SEK) last week, and have allready finished something secret that will be a christmas gift for someone I love! Will post pictures after christmas, I hope.

This month, before the snow came, we had some great days of ice skating on different lakes around. The lakes was so beautiful. Cold black, smooth and dotted with white prisms of snow. I fell to my knees and admired the bottom of the lake, where you could see still green leafs of water lilies. Magic. Today I updated Dear photodiary with some great pictures of ice and snow, that I’m very proud of. Check the photos from 19:th, 20:th and 22:th of this month!

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3 Responses to Ice skating on the lake

  1. valentina says:

    … (I’m officially freaked out by the pics. will have to collect my thoughts and get back to you.) ;-)

  2. kris says:

    amazing pictures! looks like you had a great time. and it’s amazing how different our winter experiences are being only a country apart. (are you in the north, perhaps?)

  3. Katarina says:

    The photos are absolutely fantastic! Very beautiful, and sometimes eerie. But in a good way!
    I want ice on the lake too! Stockholm is all thaw now, it’s horrible!


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